Stage version of "Monty Python's Life of Brian" coming to London; apparently it won't look at the bright side of life

Oh I have no interest in excusing it. Just saying it’s sad to see that the current hysterics by people stoking the culture war is even worse in its cruelty, and even less informed.

Of course, that’s history of most civil rights movements, right? People who have been othered or disenfranchised or - you know -murdered and enslaved, finally begin to make some incremental gains towards equality and acceptance. Then you have a violent backlash of hooting dicktards whose privileged positions are being shaken in tiniest of ways. Then that goes on for a variable but always too long period during which good people die. And eventually some - usually imperfect but nevertheless meaningful - gains are made, albeit they remain under threat (see: Dobbs, reformation, gay panic laws…)

So the reason that the scene is - while crude and offensive - less so than say, some of Steven Crowders offerings or a GOP press conference, is probably because there hadn’t been enough cultural power held by the trans community for the writers to feel under threat when the life of Bryan was written. Whether that’s a hopeful or frightening thing probably probably depends on one’s immediacy to the situation. I suppose it can be both.

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