Staggering international album release dates is crazy


As a music industry executive, what I learned from this article is that we should be pricing albums at a $1000 for the first week.


I agree that staggering release dates is ridiculous but… what a fucking dick.


I can’t be the only one who thinks there’s a restraining order in this guy’s future, right?

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That, and/or

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Honestly, if buying a plane ticket is a viable option, you don’t have a problem.


Libel factory Lulu, the “strictly for women” social network
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Nuh-uh, it’s the first-ever app for girls.

I tried to log in, and it said: “Dude, you’re a dude.” The button that let me enter anyway says, “Get me laid!”

I don’t think the author is the only dick involved here.

You’re not really helping by accepting and promoting the music industry’s assertion that copying equals theft. Also buying a 1200 dollar plane ticket just because you can’t wait a few day for the release iust screams 1st world privilege


£700 to fly from England to Germany?

I’m sure Ryanair are cheaper than that.

The whole article was very Patrick Bateman-y…


Indeed, you could buy a couple of blankets with that money.


…And then requesting 50x the current claims for damages/reparations when some pleb from BFE torrents it, right?

Imagine how many better albums he could have bought with $1200.

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WOW, just, wow.
I wish I could unread this.

I wonder if the different release dates are because of a “we’ve always done it that way” attitude about releasing new albums on Tuesday in the US? Not sure why the UK would be following our lead (though they seem to a lot, I guess) on that silly practice, so perhaps there is a different reason, but that’s the first thing I thought of when the article mentioned the album came out on Friday in Germany and Australia.

Based on this list of upcoming US release dates, there are some albums being released on days which aren’t Tuesday, so maybe some of the indie labels are a bit more sensible about it? But the great majority still are being released on a Tuesday for some dumb reason.

I read through that twice, I can’t tell if it is a sort of joke to make a serious point, or not. I mean, you would have to pay me that sort of money to listen to this ‘artist’, but that’s not the point, each to their own tastes. Flying somewhere to get something a couple of days early? Good grief.

A cheap holiday in other people’s misery!

Just torrent it for now and buy it when it’s released in your country. Problem solved.

@beschizza you seem to have made a mistake in the headline rather than “is crazy” surely you meant “by a crazy”

Staggering anything is stupid.

I totally would’ve gone to see Django Unchained at the cinema but some movie exec doucheturd decided it should be released a full month later here. A month!? Who the fuck do they think they’re kidding?

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