Stagnant wages + soaring cost of living + massive cuts to services = collapsing US birth-rate

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Declining fertility is correlated largely with women having more wealth and freedom. The solution is obvious.

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Oh, They are working hard on that.

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…and education.

In other news the voluntary extinction folks have been throwing inexplicably exuberant parties.


This seems like a rather extreme solution to the coming automation-driven mass unemployment, but it does cut the number of people who will have to be disposed of some other way.


Buckminster Fuller suggest that birthrates decline as society advances technologically.


Lower birth rate is good. There are way too many people in the world for our current resources and technology. Why this is happening maybe bad, but the effect is good.


Within reason anyway. Reduce the birth rate too quickly or too dramatically and you end up with economic collapse and a bunch of elderly people left to fend for themselves in their sunset years.


Bullshit. The world has sufficient resources, provided they can be pried out of the .1%'s clutches.


Reduce the birth rate too quickly or too dramatically and you end up with economic collapse and a bunch of elderly people left to fend for themselves in their sunset years.



The sad, pathetic irony is that racist idiots ranting about “white genocide” (i.e. declining birthrates among white people and the immigration of non-white people) are supporting their own declining birthrates by supporting the dog whistling politicians who champion the interests of corporations and the wealthy over the people.

But hey, at least their uneducated asses are better than black people, amirite? /s


This has been talked about for decades. I remember a movement back in the 70s for ZPG, now they are rediscovering it.

Besides, who would want to bring a child into dRumph’s version of heaven.?


You’re right. I just consider Americans the world’s 1% :wink:

But seriously, it is of course a simplified argument. For now the situation is that we’re damaging irreparably our only earth-like planet. While I would welcome a some variant of non-totalitarian of a post-capitalistic society where this could be solved rationally, for now one of the best ways to lessen the damage is to lower the amount of the people in the world. I’m not for any sort of NWO chemtrails type of stuff, so this development seems like a good thing :slight_smile:


Shhh! People need to stop warning about these problems, or they’ll work even harder on the dystopia plans.


So you are posing an anti-choice position, then?

I’ve never understood the problem with a declining birth rate or population. The scare articles always cite the working / non-working ratio, but they ignore the massive slack built in to the economy caused by having a labor surplus. Having lots of workers means lower wages, but also the inefficient use of labor. All those meetings, all that useless make work, all the BS jobs that one sees are just wasted labor. If workers were scarcer, wages would be higher and we would have to prioritize what needs to be done and reorganize our society so that it can be done more efficiently.

This is just hokum from the ruling class trying to keep workers in their place.

If you look at the numbers, not adapting basically shoves the problem down the road. Maybe 30M more people would make a difference now, but unless they all die young, that means another shortage when they get older. The population has to keep growing until it can’t. Alternately, the population can stop growing and we can make the changes necessary for a more stable state. (Of course, we could bring in immigrants to do the work, then kick them out before they grow old and retire, but that’s not a solution I’d like to see.)


That scene looks familiar but I can’t place it.


[Brace for impact!]

So…why are we still being sold the propaganda that there’s a teacher shortage and a school funding crisis? No subsequent generation can fill all of the infrastructure built for the Baby Boomers, let alone expand on it.

Where did you get that from my posting?

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