Standard Ebooks is still creating high quality ebooks of public domain novels

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Nice. One thing I dislike about the Gutenberg Project is the .txt format, which is kinda hard on the eyes. This actually prompted me to render their Pickwick Papers (Dickens) into a readable .doc format using LibreOffice. Had to do it line by line and it is NOT a short book. Was rather pleased with the result though and got a very close read to boot.

Just about everything I have seen from Project Gutenberg had multiple formats, and has had them for years.

I had to convert my collection of George Orwell books to epub though, because the Australian public domain source had the same problem as you had. Orwell will become public domain in the rest of the world in the new year.

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This is a nice find actually. Find book, download - no muss no fuss.

You can even do it with scripts disabled!


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