When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth: .mobi and .epub


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Hi Cory, Links seem to be broken. Thanks for posting.
These seem to work, but the kindle version isn’t .mobi




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Try again – should be working!



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When Sysadmins Desktop Support Ruled the Earth

Fixed it for you!


First - thank you for this
Second - the .epub format posted here has some issues. It loads fine in Calibre, on my mac, but fails on Aldiko, on my Android tablet. Exporting from the .mobi format one, in Calibre, into an .epub format, made it “loadable” in Aldiko. FYI.

FWIW, Can’t read the epub in Aldiko on Android or in FBReader on Ubuntu. Thank you for making it available in all the formats. My daughter Loves you Little Brother Book, so we’ll probably pick up Homeland soon.

ePub format has issues to be recognized by Readmill.
Thank you for releasing it.


The ePub with your name in the title works on iPad (with iBooks) while the one that has the title only does not. Go figure.

Thanks for more of your fabulous fiction. I’m waiting for my daughter (a Homeland and Little Brother fan) to get to the end of Lawful Interception, because the ending is what she wanted to happen for a while.

Got these a couple days ago. DO kinda wish there was a cover image since I get this big freaking blank grey thing in Google Books. Haven’t tried it in Aldiko yet.


It’s nice to see this out; but I found myself losing WSOD when I realized that somehow, years after the catastrophe, thousands of unattended routers and signal amplifiers were still somehow getting power.

(He who writes for nerds will get nerdy complaints)


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