Exclusive ebook offer: MK Wren's Sword of the Lamb


Bought this book on my PC. Moved the file to the “My Kindle Library” folder, yet it doesn’t show up on any of my other devices, even after syncing. I even have the file open on my desktop Kindle app. Is Amazon sabotaging non-Amazon Kindle titles intentionally, or am I doing something wrong? Is there a workaround? Very frustrating.

Okay, this is infuriating. I just copied the entire contents of my PC Kindle library to the Kindle folder on my Nexus 7 – and none of what I just transferred shows up on the device, including this novel. There is apparently no way for me to read this book except on my PC.

The Phoenix Legacy is a fantastic trilogy which I first read as a University student nearly 30 years ago. I would rate the writing as enjoyable (and indeed as epic) as Frank Herbert’s “Dune” series or Stephen Donaldson’s “Gap” series. This would make a wonderful TV series if any of the studios would tackle it.

Don’t take my word for it - read the books.

If you have a Nexus 7, convert to epub with one of the many free tools available, then load it into Play Books.

I thought .mobi was already an epub format Kindle recognizes.

Downloaded the .mobi file to my laptop; added it to Calibre and transferred it to my kindle without any sort of format conversion. Works fine. Kindle also supports an email address that sends the doc to your device - perhaps try that as a workaround?

Did the cover designer pay for a license to use the American Horror Story font? I’d imagine that would have been custom to the show, and I can’t see them being thrilled about it popping up everywhere. Or did both designers grab something publicly free to use?
Eta: previously existing “Rennie Mackintosh” font.

Another friend just mentioned Calibre to me. I will give it a try. I still don’t understand why the Kindle app currently can’t read it, though. It’s a format Kindle is supposed to recognize, and it’s in the correct folder. God, I hate this kind of petty anti-competitive bullshit.

Woot! Worked. Thanks. And Bezos can take a flying leap.

Okay, I have to disagree, strongly, with the general review. These books are terrible.

I read these when they first came out, and even then I recognized just how terrible they are: the SF is a thin skin around an unconvincing romance plot. The economics Wren describes are “Throw it across the room with great force” levels of stupid. And the torture porn in the third volume is simply revolting.

If you want something like the Phoenix saga only, you know, convincing, consider one of Scott Westerfeld’s pre-YA novels, like Evolution’s Darling or Killing of Worlds.

Do people simply not care about designing interesting and attractive covers for ebooks?

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I absolutely love bbs
Don’t know why I never bookmarked this. But I have now. Great stuff.

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