Standing in front of a jet engine is a great way to cool off



Insel Air. Incel Air? Coincidence? I think not.


Jet engines suck

(Warning: Graphic)


Behind, surely?
It’s important to know which end is which.


I believe in you!


Horrific. Luckily the guy survived; his helmet (or some other piece of equipment) got sucked off and blew the engine up before he got drawn into it.


USS Coral Sea, 1984 sometime, guy gets sucked into an A-6 intake (like this one), my friend tackles his legs and stops him from going in. He got a medal.

Another time we unloaded the mail from a supply plane, it was piled up on the elevator and had to wait for something until they could lower it. In the meantime, planes are taking off, and the JBD (Jet Blast Deflector) is only a little effective. So about ten of us link arms and pile onto the mail so it doesn’t blow away. One jet taxied into position, and as the JBD went up, the blast was suddenly aimed directly at us - one friend got flipped upside down and almost blown off the ship as about 10 mailbags went into the drink.

You should know that the reverence for incoming mail onboard a ship is like a sacrament. We were just following orders but it is safe to say that those particular orders were NEVER given again.


I would be worried about my eyes, lots of rocks and dirt in the field between runway and people.


Normally, yes you should be. But this particular airport is unique, the runway ends right at the beach. Can’t be more than 10 meters away, you can actually see the runway in the photo posted earlier.


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