Standing in front of a jet engine is a great way to cool off


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The famous beach at Sint Maarten, I was there as a kid in the nineties. A 747 taking off is still the closest I’ve ever come to being in a sandstorm. Had to lie down flat behind that little concrete wall or I would’ve ended up in the ocean, like everything else that people didn’t hang on to.


Nah. When I was behind a jet engine in a tropical environment, the air was unpleasantly hot, not cooling.


I wish I could fart with the same velocity.


Somewhere, in the midst of one of his talks, Adam Savage mentions being in jet wash while filming MythBusters. He doesn’t recommend it.


Standing in front of a jet engine is a great way to cool off

That may be so — though somewhat dangerous — but they were standing behind the engine, where the hot exhaust gases come out. Even with a fan jet, I doubt that it’s that great a way to cool off.


Hold my beer and watch this!


I was expecting something more like this, courtesy of 1999’s Pushing Tin:


They’d better hope they aren’t hit with a piece of debris.


A woman was killed last year when she wasn’t able to hold on to the fence and she was blown backwards and her head hit the concrete curb.


Not the biggest danger since airport runways are kept clean to avoid that debris being sucked into an engine. The physical force is the problem, you can easily be blown away, literally.


Of course, it’s only guys. Women aren’t interested in this kind of silliness.


Yep - all fun and games until somebody dies

What an experience though to be under a 747 during landing though


In my darker moments I wish this on Libertarian dbags who think they should be able to do whatever they want with their property. Park a big military jet on an inaccessible public beach and watch Vinod Khosla blow away like a leaf.


I was always under the impression that jet engine wash was hotter than the ambient air…


Um wait, Incel Air?


Dammit, beat me to it.


And that was only a little Fokker!


Also, and I cannot stress this enough, do NOT google sucked into jet engine.


I love the smell of kerosene in the morning!