Stanford prof Niall Ferguson conspired with campus Republicans to do oppo research on students who opposed invited eugenicist speaker

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Ferguson? The Kissinger hagiographer? Fuck that toad.


I suspect that “free speech” here has a private definition.


Freedom from consequences… for the right people, is what Ferguson’s getting at.


they’re not even going to try “we were joking around, thatvwas joking language, because we are perceived as evil masterminds…”? because I would actually kinda buy it this time, unlike when other right-winger say blatantly racist/homophobic/eugenecist stuff and try to play it off as a “joke” afterward…


Off topic:

Ferguson’s BBC/PBS series “The Ascent Of Money” was actually pretty enjoyable, but not being very educated on economics and monetary theory I always wondered how much of his own politics he was inserting into the series.

(I actually brought up something from “The Ascent Of Money” when I was arguing with a conservative about taxation and debt, and he played the “not a real conservative” card, which was pretty funny, since it was a “no true Scotsman” argument directed at an actual Scot.)


I particularly love this:

Makridis is especially good and will intimidate them as he is an Econ PhD.

Well, I know I’m quakin’ in my boots.

An Econ PhD!

Boy, howdy, they’re haulin’ out the big guns on this one. (-:


He exhausted whatever goodwill I had for him years ago. The best I can say for him now is that he’s better than Jordaddy – but only slightly, judging by this letter.

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As well as a distinctly creepy view of history, Niall Ferguson is hilariously thin skinned, settle back and enjoy a trashing of his work and Ferguson’s response to a less than favourable review in ‘The London Review of Books’:


Was that the one where he went to Chile and brushed off the destruction of democracy and the imposition of fascism by saying that Santiago had some very nice skyscrapers? (I paraphrase only slightly).


Assuming you meant "for the white_people"_

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Meanwhile, in academic news from Oz…

(editor’s note: Shelton is a far-right loon)



An alternative:

I’m also not an economist, so I can’t absolutely guarantee that there isn’t some sneaky ideology in this one either. But at least it’s 100% free of Pinochet apologia.


Well known fact: economists think very highly of econ phds. Sometimes, it is even warranted!

Ferguson’s scum.

Also, AIUI, he’s pretty reliable when he’s talking about economics and economics only; on any and every other subject, you should not trust anything he says unless you get verification from actual experts in whatever field he’s opining on.


It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the series, but I don’t remember him making any explicit justifications for Pinochet’s crimes, rather he simply didn’t address that issue and focused only on economics. On one hand it’s the elephant in the room, on the other hand he could do that with a discussion of the Soviet economy too.

He may be an asshole, and he may be personally be OK with dictators, but I don’t recall it ever coming up in the show.

My econ prof was definitely an exception to this fact.

Good for him!

Probably not, from an economic perspective at least.

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