Stanford rapist's dad says jail time is "a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action"

You would think he would have had someone read it over and point out problems. Then again maybe he did and had the problem of it only being read by like minded people.

I read it as meaning 20 minutes of his action when compared to the rest of his life. to which i thought “Holy fuck - did you not pay attention to what happened in those 20 min”

If he meant the other valid interpretation as “hey it was just 20 min of sex it is no big deal” I think there needs to be some investigation of the fathers past actions to see how many 20 min of action he has had with people agains their will if that is his attitude.

…or maybe those that proof read it had a good laugh at the ambiguity of the meaning. The complete disregard for the victim is horrendous. I wish I could say it was unbelievable but unfortunately it is not.


I have a son. I also have a daughter. There is nothing “normal” about “adoring” a child who commits such an act. You can love your child unconditionally, but that does not mean you have to support or defend their behavior unconditionally. There is a difference.


You can unconditionally love your child. You do not have to unconditionally defend their deplorable behavior. Quite the opposite. If you love your child, you see them as a person separate from yourself and you want them to grow and learn from their transgressions, which includes paying for them, and, if the transgression requires, be removed from society so they don’t hurt someone else’s child. Any healthy parent understands both sides of this coin.


This is the role of justice as seen from a governmental point of view, and is pretty much the thinking from middle ages Europe on…

Keeping the peace is all that matters in the end. Not whose right or wrong. Step in, resolve the dispute, and tell both parties it is done, so they get back to the business of giving you half of everything they have

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I posted this in the thread about the mug shot and thought it should go here too… sorry for the cross post, but it’s relevant, I think:


and you get 7 years for monkeying with the red light cameras. sigh.

some fucked up priorities we have here in the USA


Ah, got it. I have no idea why the court thinks he won’t reoffend. It seems like that would be based on his statements and actions since the crime. I acknowledge that internet isn’t likely to be giving us the whole story, but nothing I’ve read rules out that the judge thinks he’s not likely to reoffend because he’s a young, clean-cut white male.


I’m in shock over the comments at the bottom of this article on CNN:


Looks to me like she had a crash on that guy…it’s also never a good
idea to drink yourself unconscious at a party when you were supposed to
watch over you sister…life is a very stern teacher…stern, but fair!


You know as I got older I got much mellower in my urges to use violence as retribution.
However that comment makes wish to go remove the commenters ability to procreate with extreme prejudice even though I know it is the wrong response.


Don’t. read. the. comments.


well BoingBoing comments are okay… mostly. but then they let me comment here so what do I know.


I would never read a message board that allowed me to comment on it?


In the context of the rest of his minimizing commentary, that is exactly what he meant. Even if you drop that line his selfish and antisocial justifications are how he raised that man to be who he turned out to be.


funny thing about people who don’t understand consent… They absolutely never understand boundaries. Because it’s the same coin.


It’s the philosophy i should be following, naturally. Groucho was prescient!

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I think everyone is a part of the problem. Attackers for their lack of self control and everyone else for enabling them*. As a society we have to all say “this is not acceptable” and everyone needs to take responsibility for their own actions.

*By enabling them I mean:

  1. Acting like other people are sexual objects instead of people with their own feelings and insecurities. Every time someone says something akin to “I’d tap that” or “wow look at that _____”, that should put up flags that you are treating someone else as an object.
  2. Women (mothers, daughters, and sister) are just as bad at promoting/dismissing the “boys will be boys” attitude as men. Both men and women need to not accept the “boys will be boys” behaviour and call the boys out on it. Girls are expected to be responsible for their actions (and somehow magically the actions of everyone else). Boys should be expected to take responsibility for themselves as well.

enough preaching. Here’s a kitty.


Here’s a take on the issue of statements like this given on behalf of the defendant, and what they accomplish:

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How did they ever manage to behave so selfishly? [/s]

Pretty sure there are a lot of men that meet or exceed your expectations when it comes to shooting down the sexism and misogyny of the men around them. I think your blinders (brought about through vileness that was out of your control as they may be) may be too firmly fixed to see them. Pity. You’d probably have an army of allies in your cause to change men if you stopped painting them all with such a broad brush.


[quote=“donaleen, post:92, topic:79193, full:true”]
And do you speak up when you see/hear men mistreating women?[/quote]

I get physically involved, I also avoid dive bars.

Do you laugh at sexist jokes?

I laugh at the funny ones, because the funny ones discount the concept of sexism.

I could ask a million other questions, but that should be enough.

Depends on your goal.

Most men are not very brave about standing up to other men.

Most people are not very brave about standing up to other people.

Even good men are not very brave.

Good men are also human.

Are you?

Am I good man or a brave man? Don’t know. I know I’m a person who doesn’t have much of a crap to give about the opinion of those who discount me because other people discount other people. I know I’ve got into physical altercations and intervened in at least 5 situations that looked very very rapey from the outside. But that’s me. A man being a man. I think I’d have done the same if I had different chromosomes, but who can say?