Star Wars: Frames, book set of Lucas's favorite film stills


How sad that Lucas’ efforts went into lavish navel-gazing retreads like this instead of actually directing movies that didn’t have Star Wars in the title.

I definitely clicked the “tell the publisher you would like to read this on Kindle” button. Just imagine all those frames rendered in luscious grayscale on a small e-ink screen!


Any chance I can pay half and get just the OT frames?


I got the pre-order guys, don’t bother. It’s just alternating pages of “All work and no play makes Lucas a dull boy” and close ups of JarJar Binks.

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Did he personally look at all 1.2 million frames to choose his favorites?

(I think - 792 mins, 25 fps?)

Some of them might not look like you remember.


Well, I know I did, so he probably did as well. If you look at them fast enough, it almost seems to tell a story! ;^)


>designating George Lucas as an arbiter of taste, particularly towards the Star Wars franchise
>paying him any money ever again
>i seriously hope you guys don’t do this

Jesus - $3000 for a book? Man - I want one :oD

$150 isn’t cheap either. But I did pay that much for the Deluxe Star Wars Galaxy Ltd. Hardcover Ed. Wow was that thing gorgeous. It was signed by Ralf McQuarrir!! (Didn’t know this when I ordered it.) And about 2 dozen more comic artists. Since then Ive had probably a dozen more artist sign the book next to their art. It would be awesome to get everyone, but I think some of them are already dead :o(

Here is what I’m talking about, though the $2.5k price is one of those “lol, good luck with that” prices.

Eh, in fairness to George (although he really doesn’t deserve it anymore), this is probably just the first of a long list of Disney cash ins. Four billion dollars needs to be recouped somehow…

Ignoring the nominal price: The book for the anti-films may balance the book for the original films – but if the latter has any of the reworked scenes, that throws the total value into the negative column again and they’d have to pay me to take the set.

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