Star Wars news: first spinoff film title revealed: Rogue One, Gareth Edwards to direct. Rian Johnson to direct Star Wars: EP VIII


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Welp @Brainspore if the porn parody industry doesn’t fail us, Rouge One will be a reality.


I’m liking this; the more films they make, the greater the chance is some of them will be good.


Jones is probably the best actor the franchise has had since Alec Guinness. I think they should try to find a role for Bill Nighy (with whom she often appears) in the movie as well.

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I dunno… it sounds logical, but I’m remembering the EU novels, and the more they made, the greater the chance was that the next one you’d pick up to read would be intolerably awful.

There’s definitely a point of diminishing returns here. They’re not gonna do it, since they spent $4 billion as a moneymaking investment, but I kinda wish they’d take more of a Pixaresque deliberate approach to writing and filming these. I have no doubt there will be good stuff in there somewhere, but I also have no doubt they’ll rush out a whole lotta dreck as well. It’s Disney and Lucasfilm… neither known for dignified restraint in the face of rampant merchandising and profiteering.


Ahh, homographs.

Come to think of it “homograph” sounds like something that could be part of a porn parody too.

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Colour me cautiously optimistic … especially if Jones is Rogue Leader/the protagonist.

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Bill Nighy would be great in anything; but I’m now imagining him in a grey Imperial Commander Uniform…

Didn’t that have a lot to do with the chances the next book were by Kevin J. Anderson? I read some of his Dune books, and Captain Nemo.



Caveat: I have never read a Star Wars book excepting Splinter of the Mind’s Eye which I picked up from the floor of the locker-area of my Jr. High over successive days in 1982. For all I know, KJA had a fantastic run in the EU, turning out stellar (pi) works, never to be equaled in his non-EU work. He’s a pro, I’ll give him that. He can deliver the word-count.

It guess it’s a good thing that one never got filmed…

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I don’t know… Some decent actors were sprinkled through the prequels, despite them being horrible movies, outside of those movies the actors involved have had some stellar performances. Liam Neeson (despite his new career as a revenge/action film star), Ewan McGregor, hell, even Natalie Portman. Though I have to admit that I haven’t seen Felicity Jones in anything, so I guess I can’t judge if she is a better actor than any of them.

There’s nothing wrong with Samuel L. Jackson’s acting skills either so long as he’s playing the same Badass-Motherf*cker-type character that made him famous in Pulp Fiction. Unfortunately anger, intimidation and F-bombs aren’t really supposed to be part of the Jedi Master skill set.

True, forgot about him as well.

Speaking of Alec Guinness, I always find it humourous that he apparently hated Star Wars (referring to it as “fairytale rubbish”, if I’m not mistaken).

I remember an interview in which Sir Alec expressed annoyance that an entire generation knew him as a fictional knight of the Jedi Order but seemed mostly oblivious that he was an actual knight of the British Empire.

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In my opinion, the former is far more auspicious than the latter.

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I had to look up which books KJA wrote. I only read the first Young Jedi Knights book, acknowledged that it was juvenile in every sense, and ignored the rest of that series. I don’t remember hating the Jedi Academy trilogy, but neither do I remember loving it. Guess it was okay. Darksaber wasn’t great. And the Tales anthologies were fine, but he only edited those. I don’t think I’d miss anyof his books.

I quite liked Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, but I don’t think I’ve re-read it since the 80s, so my taste may well have been suspect. The first EU book I remember hating was Barbara Hambly’s Children of the Jedi. Mike Stackpole and Aaron Allston’s X-Wing books are great stuff.

I enjoyed Splinter, as well. But the book was written to be filmed as a low-budget sequel to Star Wars if the original film was not a success. 1

##KJA is the devil incarnate.

Well, his books, are, anyway.

Oh yeah… I had forgotten that. It was kinda weird that that book, the Han Solo trilogy, and the Lando trilogy were the only Star Wars novels (other than the movie tie-ins) that were published until the Thrawn books came out in '91. Somehow I would have thought Lucas would have mounted that gravy train earlier.

He’s actually had some decent other roles but Hollywood seems to have typecast him as one bad mofo.

He seems to be enjoying the ride, anyway. Nothing wrong with a good character actor.

Those are all people I enjoy watching in movies, but they are relatively one-dimensional. Jones has the range and depth of a serious actress. It might not matter for Star Wars.