Star Wars Revenge of the Sith 'Siege of Mandalore' fan cut is near perfect

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I think this fan cut could be improved with tiny lightsabers.

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It’s amazing to look at this cut, of this massive pop-culture phenomenon, something that I was really into as a kid, and have it make absolutely no sense to me. I have no idea what’s going on, as I have zero familiarity with any of the source material used here. What a strange feeling.


At some point, it seemed like the firm behind the franchise was more interested in appealing to younger audiences. What’s weird is that I’ve seen standalone Disney movies marketed to families make a better effort to engage adults and keep them entertained. I’m just not interested enough in the next generation of Jedi to watch any more. Now I can look back on Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and say that sounds about right.


The demographic for the original film was teens. So not sure what you mean by “younger”. younger than what?


Younger than the people who had been following the series from the beginning.


I think that was very much the target audience all along. Certainly, watching the original movies, as a pre-teen, they very much felt made for me. (I haven’t even tried watching them as an adult.) The latest movies seem like they were making some effort appease some of their older audience (probably more likely people who grew up on the prequels rather than the originals series), but fundamentally Star Wars is still a vehicle for selling toys. It’s not like other, smaller franchises that completely reinvented themselves as adult entertainment now that the original audience has grown up.


True, most movies go for the teen to early 20s range. I was younger than that when I saw the first one.

Considering the first film came out 43 years ago (and the years between releases), maybe the older fans were outnumbered.

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That point would be circa 1977. We middle-aged folks just didn’t realize it at the time because we still were the target audience. Remember how the Empire was eventually defeated by a bunch of teddy bears? Those guys weren’t added in to make the franchise more appealing to the Silent Generation.


That doesn’t make a ton of sense. The films were always directed at teens, regardless of what decade it was.

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