Star Wars Tree Sweater


So do they have to knit it onto the tree, or is it just really stretchy and goes over the canopy?

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Most likely flat and stitched up the side. And I suspect knitted with a machine. But I may be projecting because I want a knitting machine…

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every time i see a cool tree sweater i think “that would be a whole blanket for a homeless person or 50 sets of gloves”. luckily iowa city also has a “giving tree” where people have hung clothes pins form branches with hats and gloves and such for those who need them to take.

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This was knit by by wife, and by hand. It’s a flat panel, which is wrapped around the tree, and then the two sides are stitched together. It’s part of a public art project that’s done every year - they’re called “tree huggers” - rather than an unsanctioned yarn bombing. This one and the one next to it, in front of Prairie Lights, are hers. She had a Super Mario Bros. themed tree hugger last year that was also pretty well received.

Also, these are donated to charities after the art event is over. I believe last year they were taken down, cleaned, and sewn together to be given to the local hospice service as blankets for residents.


Thanks for the info and congrats to your wife for being part of such an excellent project.

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