Halloween ornaments painted on salvaged lightbulbs


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Cool, but where are you supposed to hang them?


On your Halloween Tree. Get with the times.


Don’t have one.

So I’m ‘out of touch’; sue me.

Now get the hell off my lawn.


They even have 4th of July trees. They basically have trees for everything.

Honestly, I think it’s just a way for lazy people to keep their tree up all year and collect a lot of ornaments.


From a gnarled branch, of course. Or use for earrings, or stack them in a basket, or line up on your mantle, or …are your nipples pierced?



This one?


This takes me back…
No halloween ornaments as such, but I’ve seem my share of stuff dangling from pierced nipples.
Or other body parts.


I will not google that.


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