MAKE: dollar-store ninja Xmas tree ornaments



Spray paint makes ugly ornaments.

Swirl a little chlorine bleach inside a glass ornament to remove the playing and get a perfectly clear sphere. Allow to dry. Then swirl a litle green paint inside.

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Variant thought. Fill the sphere with water with fluorescent dye (e.g. extract from a highlighter marker). Put a UV LED into the cap, seal well with epoxy, wax or hot melt glue. Have a pretty light.

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A thin glass bulb filled with fluid sounds like a recipe for disaster. Too heavy for a Christmas tree, and ready to leave a flourescent mess on your floor.

I like the light idea, though.


This is a neat idea, even without the paint. My daughter is all about ninjas this year. Maybe this will be a fun project for the next few vacation days.

We bought a bunch of these at a boy scout Chinese auction when I was a kid, then proceed to make more as they broke. Though we used felt for the masks, looks a bit better.

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