HOWTO create an invisible Christmas tree


yeah, I’ve been doing the “invisible tree” thing for years now. highly recommended.

no ornaments, though. ditto tinsel or lights. just a plain tree. invisible, of course.

and scotch. lots of scotch.

joyeux nöel!


Neat! I guess I’ll stock up on ornaments in the after chrismas sales and put that one on the projects list.
And I’ll think about including LED lights.

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It would be neat to hang the green ornaments sparsely and intersperse strings of gold tinsel between them to beam up a scots pine!


Ironically it takes up as much floor space as a visible tree.

The one downside is that you can’t really hang garland/strings of lights/etc. If you do, the green ornaments will be pulled inward, and you’ll end up with either a column or an inverted cone (or, more likely, just a tangled mess.) If you want to add lights, they’ll have to be individually suspended (or individually attached to green ornaments.)

That being said, the simple green look is very cool.

How is that ironic? ‘Invisible’ is not the same as ‘incorporeal’.
Which made me think: a holographic cristmas tree would be even cooler.

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