Tree-shaped ornaments each made of different woods


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…mantelpiece… curio cabinet… bedside table…


They’re “ornaments”


I was trying to think of the discreet way to say what you said.


I came here to say just that, but you two did it better than I could.


Geez, I was an innocent gal until I read the comment thread. Rule 34, indeed.


I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that thought it.


Step bits could be substituted for some of these ornaments.


They’d be a bit more uncomfortable.


Shouldn’t the shape of the ornament reflect the shape of the tree that the wood is from?


I thought of a sawed-off honey dipper, myself.


These should really have a flared base. You know, for displaying.


You can use those for honey, too???


Came here to see I am in good company. Well done.




I was going to add a line about “lonely bachelorette attachments,” but I had just written the Callahan post and thought I should throttle back on my personal sense of humor. Thanks for connecting the dots!


“In the dark of the trees he could smell splintered wood and see white upturned faces like wide white dirty flowers.”

  • Michael Shaara


I obviously don’t see what you guys do. They just look like trees to me.


we don’t judge, whatever you are into…

sure can honey!


i guess i was innocent today when i saw them i thought of an amazing top set. but now all i can see is…thanks a lot mutants! To repay your kindness, here is a nice video of the Christmas train.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: