Starbucks employees offered free tuition at Arizona State U


Oh great. As if my barista wasn’t already over-educated. Just give me my coffee, tattoo-lady with a master’s degree in French literature, and stop talking to me about your parody book of Baudelaire poetry entitled Caffeinenivrez-Vous…

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Online education is a terrible fit for many of the students who will be trying to take advantage of this opportunity. For low-income and first-generation college students, online education is often nothing but endless frustration and washouts, because they need the structure, relationships, and support systems that you can only get on campus. Not to mention the personal connections and mentoring that are most likely to help lead to jobs.


Don’t Drink Starbucks Free College PR Stunt

Starbucks is switching out their traditional partial tuition reimbursement program to one that forces their employees to attend one college— and an online college at that— if they want to get help paying for college.


So, they’ll be learning Russian first, it appears.

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Starbucks admits it’s not contributing anything to scholarship fund, mostly funded by federal aid

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