Starbucks to stop selling newspapers

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I remember coffee shops always had newspapers on tables or the counter for you to read. Also coffee was a quarter with free fill ups.


Starcucks sells newspapers?

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Left by other patrons rather than supplied by the coffee shop in my experience. Supplied by the shop would have been nice.


what people in the industry sometimes say when they mean goods that tend to be shoplifted.

This is nitpicking, but shrinkage does not refer to a classification of goods. It’s an accounting term for any unexplained reduction in inventory between the point where ownership of the goods transfers to the buyer until the point of sale. That’s things missing due to being lost, stolen, or damaged.

Yes, I’m great fun at parties.


Shrinkage. Ha! I remember when I worked as a cashier at a local grocery store in HS that the “shrinkage per hour” was always displayed in the back room. If it was under $5/hr for a week, free donut for each employee the following week.

Edit: of course, if was over $5/hr you had to go to the bakery section and get one yourself :slight_smile:


I am still frustrated how major important newspapers by design or necessity have to commodify their product in a way that makes in inaccessible to a lot of people. I finally broke down and got an online subscription to the NYtimes when they had a sale for like a dollar a week or something. And yet I’m still hitting paywalls for other papers. I mean I know they gotta make money, but it leaves out most poor and lower class people from the conversation.
My main source of news is the guardian. They encourage financial support but don’t demand it for access.


My aunt worked in NYC for years. Everyday on her way in to work she gave the guy next to the newsstand her change (a quarter or fifty cents, or whatever a paper cost at the time) grabbed her paper and went into worked.

It was years before she realized that she was giving her change to the homeless man that just happened to stand next to the newsstand and stealing the paper.



And the waitress wouldn’t make a federal case out of it when you patted her on the behind and told her she was doing a great job, sweetie.

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You’re Technically Correct!


In a Twilight Zone episode it was 10¢ a cup with no free refills.

Guy who died on a bridge with a busload of people wound up paying $1.40 for 14 cups.

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Typical marketing wording for, “We’re actually making things worse.”

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Wow. Newspapers must have gotten incredibly expensive. You’d think their massive markups would easily handle the costs.

I remember cafes used to have a selection of newspapers for patrons to read. They were attached to a big wooden dowel, to discourage theft. I’m not sure when exactly this stopped being a thing…

Man I must be old.


If you’re in NYC, visit the Cafe Sabarsky in the Neue Galerie on E 86th St. It’s affecting the look and feel of a Viennese coffee shop, and they have the daily papers on those newspaper rods:
It’s crazy expensive, but they do have the best Sacher Torte this side of the Hotel Sacher.


And they didn’t serve certain people. At least cake shops haven’t changed! Now I’m sad.

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I wonder why. I have never hit a paywall for articles with the NYT, which has always struck me as odd. True, I can’t do the daily crossword, but…
WaPo is a different story, but it seems inconsistent about just how many times you can access articles. Of course, using multiple browsers and cleaning your cookies often also helps.

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What’s a newspaper?