Starbucks Via instant coffee packs are great when you are in immediate need of a caffeine fix



If I want coffee, I want nice coffee: hot, rich, all that good stuff. If I want some caffeine, I just take some caffeine: I buy it in bulk and fill gelatin capsules with my preferred dose. With capsules, you don’t even need access to water.


$12 for 12 packets of instant coffee?! Highway robbery, and you get Starbucks patented bitter brew to boot. Trader Joe’s has instant coffee packets with the sugar and creamer already in it, 10 packets for $2. That’s my desk drawer caffeine solution.


jesus, Starbucks. The stupid shill posts are getting pretty absurd around here.


Any excuse to repost this: (NSFW language)

Timmy’s = Tim Hortons
Cpl Gypsy and Cpl Whiskey are wearing Palestinian keffiyehs - way to go!


So what’s next, some Viagra ads?


3-in-1 coffee is hugely popular in SE Asia. Go to an Asian supermarket and you can find huge bags of various 3-in-1 coffees (mainly Vietnamese brands) as well as other packet-based drinks like cereal. You usually need at least two packets for a decent-sized cup, though.

The ones below are $16 (and prime eligible) for 50 packets at Amazon, and cheaper at your local store.


Agreed! I lived through the lowest point of coffee history in the US in the 70’s, with freeze dried and instant coffees. If all you have is hot water, make tea.


Came here to post this! There’s a couple of Indonesian brands that are really good, makes Starbucks taste like rancid mouse droppings by comparison. (Oh, wait, no need for a comparison, that is what Starbucks tastes like! :slight_smile:

So, uh, yeah, srsly?!? Starbucks?!? From a website that’s so happy to tout the awesomeness of whatever’s the latest “yuppie-cold-press-micro-pore-cafe-brew-du-hour”… I hope they paid BB a fuck-ton of cash for that placement, just sayin’. :slight_smile:


Seriously, if you just need a quick caffeine fix, grab some cheap instant packets…a buck for a hit of instant coffee is ridiculous no matter whose it is.

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Agree, use it on backpacking trips all the time.

If you want a good beverage, go for a good beverage.

If you need a caffeine fix, buy some caffeine or caffeine pills (last time I checked they were available in Walgreens; I did not check the European availability as I still have some but if not available off-the-shelf get a pingponging friend to bring you some). And wash it down with some good beverage.


C’mon you guys, Mark has a daughter he needs to put through college. Give the guy a break.


The stuff’s good for travel. By far the best instant coffee. Much better than the crap out of vending machines or quickie marts.


Is this the same Mark who takes an Aeropress with him everywhere he travels because you can’t trust local coffee in or near a hotel to be worth drinking?


No. That would be the Cory model.


That makes much more sense, thanks!

That could have been 30 seconds long, but Soldiers on deployment have a LOT of extra time to kill.


I can’t be without Via as a backup for those times when I cannot get coffee anywhere and need it now. And this is not “instant coffee” like most people are used to, it is actually microground beans. Does that matter? Drink a cup of Via (hot or cold) and then taste your regular instant coffee. That least-worst instant you adore now tastes like shit.

Expensive? Yes, that’s why I only buy it on sale or at Costco/Sams (pack of 26, about 55-60 cents each ).

So yeah, Via as a backup!


Okay, enough with the boring-ass anti-starbucks crap. Yeah, they’re a massive corporation and all that, but guess what? Starbucks MADE the market for good coffee in the US — without Starbucks, all your Stumptowns, whatever local boutique roaster that floats your boat, etc. would never have had the chance to make it. Give them as much shit as you want, just don’t forget that we all might still be drinking fucking Folgers if they’d never existed.