Starship Troopers model looks exactly like a drawing on paper


A plastic version was available at StarShip Modelers at one time. Nicely made from Japan and I believe based on the Japanese SST animated series.

That model looks nothing like the power suit in my head, which will always be this:

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Ha Ha, yeah.

But that one doesn’t really match the descriptions in the novel which has large backpacks of bombs and such. The one featured in the article is a more feasible match to the fiction.

I want to kill some bugs.

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Is ST the novel the first real conception of “the mech” as we think of it today? I can’t think of an earlier reference to such a contraption.

Yes, it’s from the Japanese anime series, not as described in Heinlein.

Wasn’t the verbiage something like “giant metal gorilla”? I haven’t reat the book in probably ten years but I read it probably a dozen times before that.

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