Stay Woke Bot helps activists explain racism to Twitter randos

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So, would this best be described as “#botsplaining” or “#AnAlmostUnbelievablyToneDeafLackOfAwarenessOfOnesOwnSelfRighteousness”?

The genius of this is that it works equally well in terms of both complete earnestness and total satire.

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I don’t understand a single one of its replies. How is the “'splaining” anything to anyone? It is entirely rhyming couplets with no context.

“You’re a leader and a visionary, self-made and here to stay, you turn ideas into power, you have the spirit of Dr. Dre.”

Um, ok, I guess. :confused:

So it’s “self-righteous” to get sick and tired of explaining the same basic concepts over and over again?

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Well that escalated quickly:

So, all it’s doing right now is sending (overwrought) thanks to people who follow it?

Actually, I could totally see him doing something awesome like that.

Also, how do you use a Twitter bot to explain shit to people, in any kind of automated way? And what does “Stay Woke” mean?

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If I understand correctly, ‘stay awoken to the problems of systemic, institutionalized racism in the US’, as spoken in the vernacular of African Americans.

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