Stayin' Alive in North Korea


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North Korea might, just might, be just one big disco dance party.

They have mirror balls.


How would we know, right?
Maybe the carefully guided tours are just to make sure everybody acts somber when outsiders are present.


That’s a damn drawn out practical joke. Gotta admire the dedication.


The best jokes always take dedication.


If there is one thing North Korea should be proud of it is that they sure can put on a kick-ass choreographed floor show.

That may be the only thing, mind…


As you might expect, “Gangnam Style over North Koreans marching” is also a thing.

And here’s Psy’s own voyage into the North Korean meme-verse.


I like jackscrew’s version.


Kim Jong-un???

Now, Hitler. There was a choreographer…


It reminds me of this:


Which reminds me of this:

But, I digress.


Just made my day!

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