Steam to introduce limited game trials

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I can see publishers HATING this feature, and it will definitely hurt day one sales.

Good. Fuck them.

Stop releasing shitty ports with reviews embargoed until after release. Stop ignoring your devs begging for more time and less crunch. Stop trying to suck every penny off of your consumers thru preorder FOMO and predatory lootbox bullshit. Stop hoping that some miracle 100GB day 1 patch will fix all your massive optimization problems.

Tell your shareholders to go fuck themselves, and release the game when it’s done.


Valve already offer a no quibble refund if you’ve played for less than 2 hours.
I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to already using this as something of a time limited trial.

(Also, Valve takes a 30% cut of every purchase made on Steam. This has no relevance, but it still boggles my mind.)


Wonderful idea. I have too many games I bought, played, and didn’t like. It’ll be nice to try stuff out first before spending.

I can’t even imagine having enough time ever again to actually play enough of a game to try it out before the deadline, but this seems like a great feature for people who do (who will then hopefully write reviews that will help out people like me).

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I’m glad for this. Recent games are kind of 50/50 if they’ll perform well on my aging laptop. The Myst remake performed very poorly, so I had to ask for a refund. Which I wouldn’t have needed to do had this option existed. Street Fighter 6 offers a demo, which quickly showed me that their new RE engine brings my system to crawl, and I was glad to know that without any financial effort.

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Now we just need to bring back gaming magazines, so we can distribute the trials on a 1.44M floppy.


I remember playing the first chapter of Doom and Quake as shareware; and then purchasing the full games. Happy days!

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