Anyone here tried to play DOOM on PC?

Oh my fuck. I’m not sure how much blame to lay on Valve versus ID, but some folks somewhere deserve to have their arses reamed good and hard for how completely they’ve destroyed what should be a truly awesome experience. Where the hell is the quality control?

When I put my money down for this worthy successor to pretty much the first viscerally immersive computer game, I did. not. sign up (fuck the EULA) to be immersed in impotent rage generated by trying to get the fucking game to work for half the time.

And the randomness of it (refusing to start half the time, bluescreens, crashing so hard my machine spontaneously resets, etc) is just the sort of shit evil scientists have figured out how to hook folks on gambling machines and crappy ‘freemium’ games.

And, given that DOOM is manna from Hell, whoever’s responsible for this bullshit state of affairs knows the vast majority are just gonna cop it. What a fucking rancid heap of trumpsmeg.

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Did you update your video drivers? What video card do you have? That’s step #1.

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I got the game because I got a new card. GTX 1050 Ti or some shit.

OK then go to and download / install the latest video drivers, see if that helps.

What, again? I did that like three weeks ago when I got the card.

Worth a shot, updating video drivers is simple, but you’re right – 3 weeks old shouldn’t be a problem.

Have you tested your computer for general stability? Run prime95 torture test overnight? memtest86 overnight?

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That’s a fucker - I downloaded the demo a while back, listened to the interesting screams my graphics card made then got it for PS4. Finished it tonight and it’s fucking incredible.

But back to PC - Bethesda’s got this page which hopefully might help. I did also see someone suggest lowering your virtual texture page size in the advanced settings - id’s engine is pretty heavy on the size of the graphic textures.


Does DOOM on Steam give you anything that running the original in DOSBOX doesn’t?

they mean the brand new DOOM as done by Bethesda


Bethesda. There’s your problem, right there.


I’ve been playing Doom on PC for a few months now, I actually started gaming again when it was announced and started putting together the bare minimum system that could run it, I started using a core2 duo and an nvidia gt 730, it was pretty playable and have since upgraded everything so I’d be surprised if your PC couldn’t run this due to the hardware, they did a great job on optimizing this game.
The only issue I ran into was with Vulkan support, and that turned out to be an issue with the video card which was initially announced to have support but once released, it did not.
Are you using the opengl or Vulkan mode? Try changing it, one might work better for you than the other.

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I feel your pain, and wish I could help, but I’m not computer savvy enough. I also have a 1050 Ti graphics card, and it’s great. I haven’t played Doom with it because I quit in frustration before I got the new card.

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One more reason PC gamers are the master race: They have troubleshooting skills. (Or they don’t play, lol)


To answer this tangent:

The original DOS Dooms also run on DOSBox on Steam. The same is true for the GOG versions too.

I can’t give an answer to the problems with Doom (2016) though

You should redownload the game again. Maybe an investment to the bandwidth gods will allow it to work miraculously :crazy_face:

Lol, that took a day and a half the first time…

I might try and see if there’s a fresh version of the driver.

The tip about virtual texture size seems like a good lead, as does that page you linked, thanks @adonai :wink:

I guess my PC could use a stability test, but I neglected to mention that about a third of the time, there’s a message about the crash telling me to try verifying the game files, which usually does the trick, but takes about twenty-five bloody minutes…


Hey, do I need to uninstall the old GPU driver before I install the new one?

Nm, internet says prolly not

No but I wonder about your PCs general stability… look into that prime95 and memtest!

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Yeah, it’s not great, even though my install of Win7 is only a few months old… Been doing weird glitchy shit (like the colours being all screwy on the BIOS splash, and occasionally the desktop) ever since I installed the graphics card, and it was pretty disappointing before that.

Although, I did download and install a later version of the Nvidia driver which was 1.?? or so newer, and haven’t had much woe since… a couple of crashes where it just froze and I had to Ctrl-Alt-Del my way out, so I lowered the virtual texture size, got my fingers crossed now.

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So, crashed before getting the menu up, so I verified the files for 25 minutes, saw a little message saying everything’s good, tried again, and then bam.

Failed to read remaplist.md6remap
Reading strings/english.lang as UTF-8
28657 strings read
Initializing class hierarchy

---------- ResetPersistHeap ----------
Global heap: Can't HeapWalk() in this configuration


hair: Could not get fragment uniform _fa_freqHigh  while loading renderProg:hair
hairtrans: Could not get fragment uniform _fa_freqHigh  while loading renderProg:hairtrans
zlib inflate error while loading renderProg:outsideuniquetrans
No address, error: 487 while loading renderProg:outsideuniquetransfoliage
DOOMx64.exe @ 0x40d66d0d(  ) +  bytes () : GetGameSystemInterface(  )
DOOMx64.exe @ 0x40ccee81(  ) +  bytes () : GetGameSystemInterface(  )
DOOMx64.exe @ 0x40cbf6cd(  ) +  bytes () : GetGameSystemInterface(  )
DOOMx64.exe @ 0x40cf9c9f(  ) +  bytes () : GetGameSystemInterface(  )
DOOMx64.exe @ 0x40cf9d18(  ) +  bytes () : GetGameSystemInterface(  )
DOOMx64.exe @ 0x40cf8361(  ) +  bytes () : GetGameSystemInterface(  )
DOOMx64.exe @ 0x40d0f372(  ) +  bytes () : GetGameSystemInterface(  )
DOOMx64.exe @ 0x40d125bd(  ) +  bytes () : GetGameSystemInterface(  )
DOOMx64.exe @ 0x40167515(  ) +  bytes () : GetGameSystemInterface(  )
DOOMx64.exe @ 0x401693fb(  ) +  bytes () : GetGameSystemInterface(  )
DOOMx64.exe @ 0x401708c6(  ) +  bytes () : GetGameSystemInterface(  )
DOOMx64.exe @ 0x40163a9a(  ) +  bytes () : GetGameSystemInterface(  )
DOOMx64.exe @ 0x40a53829(  ) +  bytes () : GetGameSystemInterface(  )
DOOMx64.exe @ 0x40ae0d33(  ) +  bytes () : GetGameSystemInterface(  )
DOOMx64.exe @ 0x40adb4b1(  ) +  bytes () : GetGameSystemInterface(  )
DOOMx64.exe @ 0x40ae0e6d(  ) +  bytes () : GetGameSystemInterface(  )
DOOMx64.exe @ 0x40ae397d(  ) +  bytes () : GetGameSystemInterface(  )
DOOMx64.exe @ 0x40adf339(  ) +  bytes () : GetGameSystemInterface(  )
DOOMx64.exe @ 0x40aadb58(  ) +  bytes () : GetGameSystemInterface(  )
DOOMx64.exe @ 0x3f73d849(  ) +  bytes () : ** UNKNOWN **( ** FUNC_PARAM_ERROR ** )
DOOMx64.exe @ 0x40d1cc0b(  ) +  bytes () : GetGameSystemInterface(  )
kernel32.dll @ 0x770159cd(  ) +  bytes () : BaseThreadInitThunk(  )
ntdll.dll @ 0x7724a561(  ) +  bytes () : RtlUserThreadStart(  )
ERROR: F:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\DOOM\base\_defaultFile(1): error : file '/decls/renderprogs/' not found while loading renderProg:outsideuniquetransfoliage
2017-08-30T13:04:37.310+10:00 LOG: Error
Dumped console text 

Shutting down OpenGL subsystem

ERROR: F:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\DOOM\base\_defaultFile(1): error : file '/decls/renderprogs/' not found while loading renderProg:outsideuniquetransfoliage


That’s fucken bullshit, man