Steampunk power-plant ring


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Neat aesthetic, but strikes me more as Diesel- or Atom- than Steampunk.


Am I missing something, but why would anyone increase their risk of copper poisoning? Like, voluntarily…and even pay money to do so?


Copper poisoning? Through skin? Trace, detectable amounts, perhaps… but poisoning? Not even lead leaches from alloys and goes through skin in such amounts!

Copper corrodes on skin, though. Sweat is awfully aggressive. So it can stain green. Same goes for solid brass and other alloys.

I’d be more concerned with allergenic nickel, for example.


My polonium cock-ring has never tarnished.


It’s lead by now. So no wonder.


You are doing it wrong…

Weak Discouraged Men! Now Bubble Over with Joyous Vitality Through the Use of Glands and Radium

“. . . properly functioning glands make themselves known in a quick, brisk step, mental alertness and the ability to live and love in the fullest sense of the word . . . A man must be in a bad way indeed to sit back and be satisfied without the pleasures that are his birthright! . . . Try them and see what good results you get!”


Wow, imagine the superhero powers you’d get for using too many of those…

I’m surprised Marvel or DC never picked up that goldmine of an origin story.


This one is even more scary – super villain origin, perhaps.
(unfortunately, no product shots)


Ah, the origin story of…Neutered Man!


As long as you’re picking nits, a commutator is hardly a “power plant.”


If one uses one’s ring as a fidget device like me, it could probably power a city.


I’ll just wait here, for that shoe to drop.


If you mean the transcutaneous toxicity of copper ions released by corrosion, there’s just not enough of them. Copper is fairly nontoxic, if you aren’t chronically exposed in a dietary or major environmental (think copper miners) way. Indeed, too little copper is bad for you too.


Also, for the particular issue of this ring, the copper plating is on the side of the ring facing out and thus not even in contact with the skin.
I suppose that it is technically possible that a copper atom could tunnel through the ring, but I’m not sure that it would happen before the heat death of the universe.


Quantum tunneling, not in reasonable time. These atoms are too heavy for it anyway. Diffusion through the pewter alloy, much more possible but also slow; would work better if heated up (see diffusion brazing for actual application).


That’s is some expensive pewter. Seriously… $30 for a pewter ring? Pull the other one


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