Nerdy fidget rings for tabletop RPG players

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I like that the gif shows a critical miss every time. Is that to use them all up before you need to roll for real?


I have the d20, d100, and 3d6 version of the rings. I can roll my stats, check psionics, and critical hit you with just my jewelry :slight_smile:


I’ve got the D20 version of this, which is pretty much worthless. Despite following every instruction avaliable, it doesn’t spin freely.

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I wouldn’t trust the spinning ring for actual rolls, but the counter looks useful, although too expensive to keep multiples around to hand out for a game.

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Yeah, the problem with a lot of Thinkgeek products is that they sound cool, but have terrible build quality. I say this as someone who bought their “Blade Runner” light-up umbrella.


When they make a 3d6 or fudge dice ring I’ll be impressed.

I have some friends who got a better version of this as a d10 for their engagement rings.

What ThinkGeek fails to mention is that these are made by CritSuccess ( who held a successful Kickstarter for the line a few years back. I have a 2r6, a 2r10, and a counter ring. All are great, though they’re sized a little smaller than what I had measured at a jewelry store.`

You can order directly from them (and probably give them a higher percentage of the profit), and check out their full catalog of different rings - they had a D&D alignment ring I think and others that I don’t think ThinkGeek is carrying, as well as two other colors (blue and gold).

I don’t have any problems with my rings spinning freely, unless they’ve gotten dirty or something, and a quick wash in the sink with several spins usually takes care of it. YMMV, I guess.

[edited to add that you can buy from them]

Lucky for you, they do (if you order from the company that actually makes the rings)! (I just posted another comment with the link, but here’s a direct link to the product page with both of those rings:

According to the CritSuccess company’s FAQ (, they have a lifetime exchange policy, so long as you pay for the shipping… Dunno if it’s worth your time or energy, but it seems like they’d have no problem sending you a replacement that hopefully spins better!

I see myself becoming quite annoying wearing one of these D20s…

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