LED-lit fidget-ring/clock


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an LED cock ring?!? oh, right. more reading, less scanning headlines quickly.


That’s some mighty fancy engineering.

They might want to reduce the display time to much less than a minute to save battery life, though. Two or three seconds would do the job. (Where do I get off telling them what to do? I make a Nixie tube watch that displays the hour then the minute for one second each, and it’s enough time to read it.)


and we combine your replies to get the Nixie Cock ring that functions in one second intervals…


Nice, I wonder if it will sync with my Coin. I’m sure it will work flawlessly with it, in the sense that neither well ever be produced or work as intended.

Miss read that and thought it was ring/cock. So disappointed but still salvageable.

Mighty fancy CGI, anyway.

Sounds like a recipe for hours of fun with the TSA.

Come to think about it, this could be developed into a navigational system for darkrooms.

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