Steampunk spring-heeled jack stiltwalker


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Green Futures, yesterday.


Maybe the featured “spring-heeled jack stiltwalker” is a drywaller? 'Cuz those sure look like run-of-the-mill drywall stilts with some extra stuff bolted on…


Yep, pretty much right off the shelf. That’s not even trying…

It’s a cool costume, but I wonder if he’s actually supposed to be Spring-heeled Jack, rather than just some steampunk inventor fellow. Where’s the cape, the red eyes, the iron claws?

Nice! Much cooler than the article’s drywall stilts with crap bolted to them.

Steampunk: 20% inspiration, 80% copper spray paint and hot glue.

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Is it? Those are retail jump stilts with shoes on them.


I hope Springheel’d Jack turns up on Penny Dreadful before too long.

Finally, someone willing to report the fact that cosplay costumes are not always 100% scratchbuilt. I’m sure we were all ready to believe that he hand-forged the steel himself.

Not sure how a guy who spent time and effort on a costume is less cool than a guy who dropped $500 on a pair of jump stilts and then ambled around in them.

That looks familiar. This is a costume I build between '09 -'11.

You forgot 10% gears.

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