Stephen Colbert on David Letterman

Hopefully, he will be taking all of his writers with him, and the chance to carve out a new audience will take him to new heights of absurdity. As much as I love his current show, he is probably sick of having to play the fake conservative persona. My fingers are crossed that the new job will only include the bare minimum of celebrity ass-kissing, and will have the maximum of witty and informed conversation.

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I think the talking heads are worried that he’s finally on a show that their target demographic (retiring Baby Boomers) actually watch. He might slip in some crazy ideas about how Obamacare may not have been literally drafted by the devil when his network handlers aren’t looking.

Also, it was kind of a slow news week (everything was happening in those boring foreign countries!) so they were groping around for something to be outraged about.

Oooh! You watch TV sometimes! And on a dongle! What a bad, naughty boy.

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