Things I Miss: Larry "Bud" Melman


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Same here. What made the Larry “Bud” Melman routine work was that is was very easy to believe that Letterman would be mean-spirited and cruel enough to make a little old man with dementia a regular object of fun on the show.


How much I miss Late Night in general. The Late Show was OK but just never had that subversive feeling. I always wondered how the hell they got stuff past the executives.


I went to a New Year’s Eve party in The Puck Building, a party which had no connection with him, and he walked in to cheers at some point. He could get into any party he wanted just by showing up.


I went to Woodstock 94, and all day long there was a rumor that the Rolling Stones were playing a surprise set at 2am. They kept stoking it all day, saying there was a big surprise coming. 2am rolls around, and Larry “Bud” Melman comes out and yells, “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Rolling Stones!”…and the Violent Femmes started playing.

The next day, he introduced NIN with, “Punch your balls off and please welcome Nine Inch Nails!”


A true american hero.

Also a good reason why letting late night comedy shows be anything but late night goofyness for the masses is an american downgrade.

Remember when Letterman was considered too commercial? Colbert, Meyers and SNL might as well be official joke departments for the Democrat party. I agree with them but stopped watching. It’s too much.

The good news is the record is there for people to remember great funny material. Maybe the art form isn’t completely lost, just sleeping…


Also let us never forget…

Dick Assman!


This thread also taught me there are not nearly enough great letterman gifs on the web. Just made this one…


He was also a passenger on the bus to the moon in the great movie Nothing Lasts Forever.


And the President of the United States in “Freaked”.


we need Larry Bud back just so he can take down trump’s wall!


(re: the second video)

I had somehow failed to notice that you can sing the title of “Entertainment Tonight” to its theme music. It works almost as well as “Bewitched”.


omg larry bud melman as max headroom

original video


Just came to post that somebody needs to create a LB Headroom AI.


Who remembers Arnie Barnes? I think I might be the only person in the world.

And of course RIP Mr. Melman.



My favorite LBM moment…welcoming travelers at the Port Authority bus terminal.


Because back in those days (in the early days at least), no one cared what happened in that time slot. Letterman made it a thing to care about, with networks, advertisers, audiences. Letterman was a pioneer.

Yeah, he had to temper his act when he moved to 11pm on CBS. There’s a great HBO-produced movie called “The Late Shift”, based on the book, about the late night wars and Letterman’s move to CBS. It’s a lot of fun, lighthearted & entertaining.


dude was a stud


I’ve never heard Dave laugh so hard. Brilliant.