Stephen Harper will use 12-18 year old junior rangers to fight the Russians


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… and act as the military’s eyes and ears in northern, coastal and isolated areas of Canada.

Harper’s version of Spy Kids, right? Seriously, he plans on training children to do military surveillance work? And just what will those kids be directed to watch? Illegal dumping? Poaching? Ships passing by? Strangers with funny accents? Neighbours? Their parents?

Isn’t this the kind of thing that trained adults are supposed to do? Then again, if he can get children to do it for free, why would Harper pay adults to do the same thing?


C’mon, October! Getting rid of this asshat can’t come too soon!


FFS, Canada, you’re supposed to be the nice one!


Their very own children’s crusade. How nice for them.


Well, if he keeps pushing the age of recruitment down, we can give them some Dr. Seuss to while away the time while they trek through the Great White North:


Communist dictatorships have had a long tradition of using their Scout-clones (young pioneers, etc.) for political purposes. Harper is just stealing ideas from his models on the other side of the political spectrum.


Harper needs therapy.


Harsh way to describe Alaska, surely?


Fascists, too, did this in the interwar years… Hiterjugen and all that.

In his book on the evolution of the concept of the teenager, Savage devotes a whole chapter to youth groups in Europe and the US:

Sarah Palin can see Canada from there…


Harper must love the shit out of Red Dawn.


As an American it makes me feel a little better that their are other countries with that elect wack job politicians. But we still seem to have more than our fair share of the crazy pols.


I think people are conflating the Canadian Rangers and the Junior Canadian Rangers. Just as the Civil Air Patrol in the US has a cadet program, the Canadian Rangers have a Junior Canadian Rangers program. Nobody is anticipating the Junior Canadian Rangers to be doing sovereignty missions any more than they would expect Civil Air Patrol Cadets to be doing missions for the dept of homeland security.


Yeah, my first reaction was “Wolverines!”, followed by too much WTF about exploiting kids and paranoid politicians.


Now you know why Conservatives are against abortion: they’re against all kinds except for the retroactive kind.


Considering Palin as a prime example, they might be right!


The Boy Scouts themselves were inspired at least in part by the Mafeking Cadet Corps of the Boer War. Militarism in the Scouting Movement has been strong enough to cause the founding of more pacifistic groups like the Woodcraft Folk.


I would note that the Nazis banned the Boy Scouts.


I expect the kids will expect far less than adults in the way of pay and benefits. But if they’re going to be exposed to adult-level hazards, somebody needs to file suit immediately to get them adult-level protections. No sending kids home with head injuries and flowers.


I think he means Denmark.