Steve Blum rumored to reprise role in upcoming Wolverine game

Originally published at: Steve Blum rumored to reprise role in upcoming Wolverine game | Boing Boing

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That has to have a lot of blood in it.

(well, tied with Arkham City)

Ooo, them’s fighting words!
See, I still think Asylum was better than City, being more tight and compact, and being a very accomplished Metroidvania. I enjoyed City, but felt there was just a little too much of it.
Then again, I only started Knight recently, so that might be the best, but I think I’m just no longer in the mood for that type of open-world-collectathon, no matter how tight the surrounding gameplay is.

Mind you, even then, you’re discounting the wonderful Golden Age influenced Freedom Force games, which were spectacular!

Edit: More on topic, I actually really enjoyed the videogame tie-in game for Wolverine: Origins. It had an awesome graphical effect for his regenerative powers, old-skool God of War style combat, and explored some more batshit stories as well as the main Origins one, like a diversion fighting Sentinels.

That is quite a thin rumor. Out of the large number of video games Steve Blum has voiced characters for, the Mass Effect series strikes me as the next one that would look into face performance capture (though, I doubt it would be for Grunt). But, Roger Craig Smith has done voice work for Sonic the Hedgehog.

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