Steve Jobs' first television appearance


Christ, what a genius!

Wow, when I first saw this, the first thing that came to mind was “Ashton Kutcher really was a fantastic casting choice (at least in terms of looks) to play him in the movie” - I thought it was Ashton looking at the Youtube thumbnail.


Very true. And Jobs had Kutcher’s level of sophistication with interviews at that point.

A little Napoleon Dynamite there. GHAD!

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He’s so clearly from the future and these people from the past keep appearing in the screen.

It’s just a little creepy when he says that he is “deathly ill.”

Still working on getting the beard symmetrical, I noticed.

  1. Seems like his signature ego was well in effect even at that stage, despite at that time not having done anything which would make the ego justified.

  2. Thought the same thing about Kutcher being cast in Jobs

  3. Anyone got a link for the actual TV interview?

Oh…a baby Jobs! Look at all that hair! I’m refreshed by his Syrian sleek wonderfulness! (athem.) Fun to see him get fascinated by the thought …hey, I’m on TV! Considering how matter of fact he was about publicity later…

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