Steven Mnuchin's wife makes fun of Instagram followers for not being as rich as she is



So much this. Because if her response was something akin to - “You’re right, this does seem on face value pretty abhorrent and I apologize for how it looks. additional statement as to why it is wrong and more apologies” - then at least it would feel slightly apologetic.

Even putting aside the very notion that she feeds the flame war, which in short speaks volumes to her character (or lack-thereof); its the fact in my opinion that she states “You’re adorably out of touch” which is so utterly tone-deaf to our current state of economic divide it is disturbing.


Well, this lady is a stellar example that money buys a lot of things but neither brains nor basic decency …


The entire post reads as though it was written by a spoiled teenager, but then again that’s how most ultra-wealthy people behave so I guess that shouldn’t surprise me.


The purge lists really write themselves these days.



She sure spent a lot of time replying to a tweet that should have been a snarky gif/meme.




Clicking through from the BBC had me at UK Member of Parliament Louise Mensch’s twitter account. She awesomely describes herself thusly…

“Unhinged British witch” “a textbook succubus”- Russian Insider



That’s an insult to actual witches, British or not…


“The Aristocrats!”


Post dutifully removed.


Oh, come on now; let’s not lower ourselves to that level.

I dislike this woman immensely just from what little I’ve read of her, but I won’t resort to shaming her that way.

I prefer to trash her on her shitty attitude and the messed up things she posted.


Doesn’t that glommed in with her sleeping with the enemy?



Well, the first two words are accurate, anyways.



@frauenfelder, why not a more needling headline? I suggest something like, “Slightly stupid Scottish snowflake Louise Linton rubs her unearned privilege in the nation’s face.”

I kind of respect Mensch. At least she’s not stupid, and for a long time she was practically the only voice opposing the railroading of Tim Hunt.


Wouldn’t it would be awesome if some decent people were elected into office/ raised to celebrity? It happens occasionally I suppose, but our society has created so many massively successful reprobates.

I know that there are Obamas/Adam Savages/LeBrons out there, but with all the rich and famous sociopaths we’re inundated with I’m discouraged.

Our society’s displayed priorities are pretty gross atm.


I don’t know too much about her. But just enjoyed the self-deprecating description.