Stewart Brand on the Whole Earth Catalog’s legacy over 50 years

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Finding The Whole Earth Catalog in the library as a child was also mind shattering for me. Learning about Masanobu Fukuoka and Lloyd Kahn helped me see a world that was build and tended by hand, apart from the televised, commodified, plastic world of suburbia. Glad to see Stewart still around and fighting the good fight.


Stewart Brand also wrote How Buildings Learn: What Happens After They’re Built, which is like my favorite non-fiction book evar.


Wish I could have been there.

I remember going to a new games expo Whole Earth Review did in the late seventies up in Marin county that was great.

We had The Last Whole Earth Catalog and various other versions around the house when I was growing up although they always eventually fell to bits.

I still have a copy of The Last Supplement to The Whole Earth Catalog and most issues of Coevolution Quarter/Whole Earth Review on my bookshelves although I am thinking of moving on most of the CQ/WHRs to someone who might enjoy reading them.

Looking for the version of the WEC that had Ann Herbert’s column in the bottom corner. I have always loved her writing!

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I too wanted to add this. Because it is an absolutely brilliant book.


Count me in; first look at Whole Earth sparked something which I had never felt before. A world of possibilities, tribes of likeminded people out there, footprints on the island, and so much to actually start doing right then and there. The Whole Earth Review was also my favorite magazine back when it was published, would Lyo the newsstand every day waiting for the new issue.

Not sure how ‘go to’ became ‘Lyo’ :joy:

So cool!
I wish I had been there. Great to have the video though.

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