Stickonspy: sticker-reminder that the NSA likes to fool around with your webcam


Too bad there’s no such easy and effective way to deal with similar external hijacking of the microphone.

Less subtle webcam hacking? I thought that all webcams with lights turn on the light no matter what. Has the wiring structure of recent laptops & USB webcams changed in the last few years?

As far as the Apple iSight goes, I personally don’t really think Apple has a way to remotely disable the green light while the camera is on, but I have to admit I’d like to see rock solid evidence for that via wiring schematics as well. I’ve never seen any evidence, just hearsay. And, I’m sure as hell not going to take Apple’s word on it.

Maybe iFixit would take the challenge to prove it once and for all? I dunno.

Any takers?

There absolutely is, but it’s not software. I’m trusting software less and less anyway. Just get out your wire snips!

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