Still Tasty helps you determine if the food in your fridge has gone bad

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just cut the green bits off and eat the rest.


Reverse for salads


I’d be curious if there’s an analogous resource for whether a given food has a nasty covert spoilage mechanism you should be aware of.

“If it smells or tastes bad or looks gross; don’t eat it” is pretty easy advice to follow regardless of your opinions on microbiology because eating things that are gross isn’t pleasant.

Knowing that cheese X is probably still safe all the way to the point of being a pile of malodorous fungus; but poultry Y can taste like nothing is wrong while being full of shigatoxins, though, is less evident and probably a lot more important when it comes to knowing which “best by” dates can be essentially ignored in favor of your own impressions; and which items should be handled according to well-defined protocols and treated as presumptively guilty if too much time passes or there’s a temperature excursion in storage.

(edit: one would prefer that it not come to this; but a “can I boil it better?” reference to whether the expected unsafety mode is live microbes that can be thermally remediated or microbial toxins where it’s a total writeoff; would also be of interest.)

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Given how much I like lettuce and cucumbers, they had it right the first time.

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This is a pretty good source of that kind of info (it’s all listener-submitted questions though, so a bit random):

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