Still thinking about a bidet? This attachable unit could easily solve your TP problems for good

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You’re spraying your tush w/ a blast of cold water??


Honest question: I’ve always been perplexed, how does one get things dried off after using a bidet?

The super fancy models have heated air blowers, but with a simple one like this, you use a little bit of toilet paper to pat dry. A couple squares is usually plenty, so it still vastly cuts down on TP use. I bought a bidet the first week of March, started quarantine the week after with 5 rolls, and I still have 3 of those.

It’s not as bad as it sounds. Don’t knock it 'til you try it.

The fancier models can spray warm water, but for that you’ll pay a lot more, and you need either need a power outlet or a hot water line near your toilet, which most bathrooms don’t have.


I am intrigued, I will investigate further.

Here in Florida, using the “cold” water would not be bad since water lines aren’t buried very deep and the temp stays pretty warm. But, man…I used to live in Indiana and I can’t even imagine what the tap water in winter would feel like on one’s tush. That water was so cold it hurt my teeth when I rinsed my mouth with it.


Our cold water is icy cold. I can’t (no I tell a lie, I can) imagine how that would feel in winter, which lasts ~7 months here, on and off. Brrrrrrr.
We have a box cut into the wall in the bathroom waiting for the landlord to get a GFI outlet installed for an eventual warm water bidet seat.

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It’s been long enough since I lived somewhere with real winters that I forgot about that issue!

Here in California a cold water bidet is just fine. I would like to have one of the fancy electronic models some day, though. The drying fan especially seems like a nice feature.


You could also invest a lot less in a travel bidet and a small towel. Refill the bidet after use, let it sit until you need it, and you’ll be dealing with room temperature water. The towel eliminates the need for any TP.

Seriously, you all need one of these. They’re modeled on the frankly outstanding Japanese robot toilets and are so much better than TP. You’ll never go back. I fell in love with this method on my first visit to Japan, and thankfully found these units were everywhere on my return to Taiwan (where I’m based now). These are the top of the ass-cleansing pyramid by a country mile. The Thai-style ass-hose is second, and TP is somewhere around the bottom alongside using your left hand or the three seashells.


I made the mistake of buying a bidet only to find out that you need a tank toilet to hook it up. No tank toilets in my apt. building. I’ll sell mine cheap. Never been used!

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No, I am not still thinking about a bidet. Nor do I have outstanding student debt. Nor a need for an extended warranty on my car. Nor am I looking for health insurance. Nor do I owe money to the IRS. And you can keep the free cruise I won.

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