These bidets might ween you off the toilet paper for good, especially since they are on sale for up to 33% off

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Hard pass on the musical toilet experience.

That would be hard to wean off of.


My water is cold enough 8 months of the year to cause terminal sphincter shock.


We did join Team Bidet in early pandemic times, and a little acclimating is needed to get used to the temperature and pressure, but 10 months later I dread returning to the sprayless experience.

Very refreshing on a hot summer day, too. Like a cold lemonade, applied where no lemonade dare tread.


Yeah, we moved north both in geography and in bidets, in that our old one down south had heated water (aaah, nice!) and our new one is a very inexpensive model that uses cold water.

It’s refreshing! I just keep telling myself that. :wink:

Seriously, though, if my choice was freezing cold water cleaning my nether regions, or toilet paper? I’ll take the cold water every time. Even a cheap bidet gets you really clean, really fast.


Butt Buddy Bidet Toilet Attachment.

Just roles off the tongue…

Username checks out

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Wow! Two appropriate opportunities to post this in the space of a week (?)


I have a bidet in the basement on a mountain. I actually got the hot/cold mix bidet before the pandemic, but was too lazy to hook up the hot line (I needed to drill through the cabinet under the sink and didn’t have a 1.5" drill bit, and couldn’t decide if I needed to cover the hole up).

But I used it just with the cold, in December and January. Apparently my sphincter doesn’t feel cold. Or Maybe I’m just “Hot Blooded.”

So I’ve never hooked up the hot water line.

i guess what I’m saying is, ‘differnt’ strokes for different butholes.

/anyone need 4 feet of braided water hose?


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back at the beginning of the pandemic, when TP was hard to find, i was inspired to try a watery cleaning approach. not inspired enough to shell out money for something i wasn’t sure i was going to use in the long run, though. so i just drilled a small hole in the neck of an empty mouthwash bottle, filled it with water, and set it beside the toilet for when i’d need it. the water is usually room temperature by the time it gets used.

I had one of these inexpensive models installed on my toilet just before I had to get a surgery which made wiping harder to do while I recovered. I’ve not looked back, and will never not have one of these on a toilet in a home I own. They’re pretty great.

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