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FRACT is a dangerous gateway to the abc conjecture. I could only find two such primes, 1093 and 3511.


Oh I’m so done with motivational posters like these.


The strength of the ‘addicts obviously equal undead!’ is impressive even by the limited creative standards of stock photography.

They even manag to include a broad selection of zombie-spectrum stereotypes and a sultry-vamp she-devil darkspawn.

Rob, was this just the selection that amused you; or have the ‘druggies are spaced out on psychedelics, man’ specimens suffered a truly impressive decline in our fallen age of bath salts and Krokodile?


It’s mostly crackheads and zombies at the stock art places.


I’m a recovering Art Director. Thank you from the bottomless pits of my soul-less soul. [Can somebody proof-read that stat?!]


Patricia’s eating what we call an “Oregon Sandwich” - it’s the vegan version of a “California Cheeseburger”.


#4 looks like a children’s tv presenter from Manchester/Liverpool c1989. Sort of like a cross between Tommy Boyd and Neil Buchannon.

Why is that all bold? I’m not very technical am I? More of an artist I guess…

FRACT may turn you into a wrinkled hag, but it also leaves you with beautifully manicured nails (something every junkie strives for, I’m sure.) Swings and roundabouts.

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Perhaps a game…
Heroin junkie or heroin chic stock photo

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Good to see Brett Anderson filling out a bit.

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I think the absurd samey-ness of stock photo “art” is a product of brutal artificial selection (or something like that, I’m not stock photologist). Anyone can see which images are the best sellers for each keyword, and the pressure is on to create content that covers the broadest swath of imaginary search terms while looking as similar to the big moneymakers as possible. Thus, the success of a single pioneering “patient-zero” drug zombie photo is probably, appropriately, responsible for the viral outbreak of many others.

I guess it’s the rare, but surprisingly common, kind of memetic spread that hinders creativity instead of fostering it. Think Hollywood and superhero movies.


Oh man now you made me look:

Rob, this post made my day. This is what brings me back to Boingboing! I needed to laugh… But I feel a little guilty laughing from my relative position of privilege as a non-zombie.

In fact, I’m not sure this is really culturally sensitive to the plight of the undead. Cocaine merely slaps a band-aid on the larger issue. It’s a way to wash our hands of the real problem here.

Brains could easily be legally obtained if only our government wasn’t invested in and controlled by lobbyists from the oppressive and profitable mortuary services industry.

Flour, on the other hand, remains legal despite the growing evidence that gluten consumption contributes to paranoid delusions even after use of the substance has long ended due to its unique withdrawal symptoms. Recovering users may end up developing crippling fears usually revolving around vaccinations, agricultural research, and children.

Big Gluten doesn’t want this information out, but the evidence is there.

Thus zombies are demonized and denied perfectly sustainable brain-matter, while those ravaged by gluten are given profitable platforms, perhaps even funded by foreign rice industries interested in controlling the US grain market.

The truth is out there.

So while I laughed, I admit, let’s also consider the stigma we are perpetuating here against the undead and the consequences it has in our society. Usually you are more sensitive than this Rob. I’m a bit surprised.

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I learned it from watching YOU, Rob!


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