Stock market gains to the richest 2% of Americans in 2017 could pay for the entire nation's social programs


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Ah, but then what financial incentive would they have to do all that fancy job creatin’?




The problem is that stock market gains isn’t real money. It might look like it to small players, even big players if they do it slowly, but try taking a trillion out of there and you will find out it never really existed.




Has anyone explained this to them? I feel sure they would change if asked nicely.


Call me. Please.


I sharpen the blade on my guillotine daily.


Keep voting GOP and trump, you fucking morans! You know who you are!



By the sweat of their brow, they earned every penny.


I wish the, you know, Democrats would be more willing to use these “fact” things in their rhetoric. No but seriously, what the fuck.


Hang in there America, trickle down is coming… any second now … wait for it…not much longer…


Americans – dumb as nails! Or at least 30-50% of the voting public. What a shame.


I should really start feeling concerned that I get paid only in amazon gift cards and I work at amazon. - future me (probably)



Like I’m trying to imagine a situation where the average person would need billions of dollars in their name. I know much of it is tied up in investments so it’s not actual money in a big bank vault. But I always wonder if you got a house, a car, healthcare, clothes, food, and entertainment then why keep the rest? Why not just turn your business into a cooperative and feel safe in the knowledge that everyone else gets a say in the over all success of the venture? I know the answer to these questions but I always want to ask them of actual billionaires someday.


What do you mean by a boycott, though? Do you mean no longer buying food, water, clothing, shelter, electricity, or other things that makes life tolerable? Should people pull kids out of school, stop going to the doctor for illnesses, stop driving a car, stop filing tax returns? Are we all supposed to be homeless activists, hitchhiking across the country to show the government how much we despise what they do?

And isn’t NOT paying taxes just giving the republicans what they want vis-a-vis “starving the beast”?

I mean, you do you, man, but there are other ways of being an activist and of pushing for political change.


All my responses that answered this were erased when I flagged that person for cursing me out, somehow.

So, this website is no longer getting my traffic, bookmark is deleted.

Keep waiting for a savior.


so, you’re entirely unwilling to answer any questions about your views regarding boycotting, and then you accuse us of all being posers, essential, then flounce off in a huff.

Okay. good luck with the boycotting, whatever it was.