Stolen heavy metal vest resurfaces in Macy's display window


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Macy’s. Hard core. Buy your stuff here. Extended warrantee available.


So the Macy’s Creative Team didn’t use any of their products they sell in the store in the construction of this display? That’s confidence in your brands!


and how the hell does he do that? Maybe his friends grandpa saved the receipt.


I think the vintage pic is proof enough.


I would hope the photo of him wearing it years earlier would suffice.

It’s not clear whether they’ve seen that photo; this sounds like a spokesperson being asked for a comment and giving the best answer they could without having much background.


The vintage photo could stand as evidence he had worn it at one time, but not evidence he had owned it. Even if had owned it, it’s certainly not evidence that it was stolen and hence that he still owned it–he could have sold it or given it away. Also: possession, nine-tenths, etc.

Hopefully, though, Macy’s will see that the good PR spin is worth a lot more than the vest and will roll with it rather than raising technical objections.


The photo “evidence” appears compelling, however I can also show you a photo of me wearing that same vest.
See the look of shock on Carrot Top’s face when he found out they were displaying his vest at Macy’s:

I think Macy’s should take the rational approach and say tough shit, finders keepers.

Hello! Hello! So every time–I just want to understand this, sir–every time a rug is micturated upon in this fair city, I have to compensate?


When Meshach Babcock was a teen, […] Babcock, now 23, recognized it immediately

23! So it just disappeared for a few years before turning up somewhere else?



I can't post that on it's own, because it's not descriptive enough. That's a bug. That is SO descriptive.













From the Rolling stone article:

[Meshach’s band] Maniak recently came off a yearlong hiatus, and has performed as an opening act for major metal bands like Anvil, Flotsam and Jetsam, and Raven…

Dude, this guy’s band opened for Anvil! And now he’s found the vest! He will be invincible! It’s like the metal Lord of the Rings.

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