Qanon Shaman wants his fuzzy hat back

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Hey Jake…

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It would be very strange if his plea agreement didn’t cover this. He ought get whatever he agreed to.


Still enraged that he’s out of jail. Not only out of jail, but right back at it as though nothing had happened, and so entitled and unaffected that he feels safe making demands like this.


Weirdly, his plea agreement doesn’t seem to cover the disposition of his property. That seems an big oversight for something that iconic. Were I his lawyer, I’d tell him to let it go, but I’m not sure it’s not still his.


Sharp item used while threatening law enforcement? I thought returning weapons is based on whims of the presiding judge, but that may be apocryphal.


I don’t think people convicted of felony-level crimes of violence get their weapons back.


I’m seriously pissed that the justice system bought into his “I regret it all!” scam and gave him a lenient sentence (from which he was released early), but the government really shouldn’t have a right to randomly keep property that isn’t materially related to a crime. This isn’t, it just identifies him as that asshole who committed the crimes, which means it’s actually useful for the rest of us if he keeps (and wears) the hat. Hell, as a condition of his release, it should be mandatory.


One word: Smithsonian.


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He’s going to get kicked out of Bedrock’s premier secret society for losing that thing.


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Seriously… who cares if he gets his precious little hat back… Dude is an insurrectionist who just doubled-down after getting out of jail…


Performance symbolism. An identifier. In his case, no different than a Nazi uniform or a KKK hood.

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yeah, this is my thought too. it’s one of the most iconic pieces of clothing from a significant historic event in our country’s history, and (sorry to say) it probably needs to be preserved.


Say what now?

He’s not a criminal, he’s a soldier!!



No. It is an institution for culturally significant artifacts, not some deluded goons LARP costume.

As big of a dipshit this guy is, he did go through the process, plead guilty, served time, and was released. I don’t see the point in the government holding on to property, especially what is essentially clothing. YMMV.

DoJ has a manual that covers returning evidence. They often do it, but there are a ton of exceptions, no surprise there. A couple of them are, “there is an open investigation relating to one or more uncharged suspects in the same case or a case related to the one in which the evidence was seized,” and “the evidence has historical value or significance.” I’d guess it could be a long, long time if ever.

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I care mostly because I find it interesting that the prosecutors didn’t think this one through – and there’s no reason they could not have.

I don’t care who it is, but the government – especially the federal government who fucks over everyone they possibly can in their plea agreements – ought not get more from a criminal defendant in a plea agreement than it negotiates away from that defendant. Not a dollar of fines, not an hour of incarceration.

My view of criminal procedure doesn’t have a “but I really, really don’t like this person” exception.

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How many people do you think go in and don’t come out with what they came in with? Yes, it’s a problem, but why is it ONLY discussed when it’s a high profile case involving a white person?

You really think think that they’re aren’t people focused on this as a systemic issue? Why do you think they’re not in the media talking about this, and it’s only coming up in larger public consciousness right now with this particular person?


Turns out you give these guys a slap on the wrist, they don’t take it seriously. Stuff every one of them in a federal supermax for at least 50 years, and maybe you’d see some improvement in this country.

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