Stop the Presses: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Told a Truth-ish


Apparently, even a lying mealy-mouthed fascist-apologist scumbag is right once a year.


You know there must be a lot of tapes out there if even she is hedging her bets on one turning up.


OK, at this point I think it’s pretty much guaranteed that someone has a tape of Trump using the N-word. I mean this is not the sort of thing one would tweet if they were confident no such tapes existed:

The only question that remains to be seen is how his supporters will choose to rationalize it.


To a lot of them it will be a selling point.


My guess is their first go-to will be “So what? Rap musicians to use that word all the time!”


Oh, that means he’s said it; repeatedly, and probably at the tops of his lungs…


Plus who would need confirmation from a TV producer that no such tapes exist unless that person was in the habit of using the word?

That’s like saying “my former frat brothers assure me that there is NO VIDEO FOOTAGE of me fucking a pig.”


Hey, pigs fuck pigs all the time! What’s the big deal? /s


Yeah… when someone lies as much as 45 does, he probably needs a lot of help trying to keep track of them all.

I’ve been hearing for years that there’s footage of him saying all kinds of horrible bigoted shit, and the only reason it hasn’t come to light before is because of the NDAs.


That or the Gaslighter-in-Chief doesn’t even bother.


At this point, he probably doesn’t; I doubt he even knows when he’s lying anymore, it comes so naturally to him.




Any bets on tapes existing with Sanders saying the same?


I wouldn’t be shocked, but she strikes me as too high-strung to say it out loud.


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