Stormchaser explains why powerful storms can have green coloration


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So the answer is not demons?


Shh! Don’t reveal the truth to the innocent masses! They are not prepared for such knowledge.

(On topic, we’d watch for the green coloration when I was growing up on the Plains. Often meant hail or worse)


Radiation. Or both; could be radioactive demons.


When you’re mixing paints, maybe. But yellow light mixed with blue light makes white light.


If you’re out on the water and a green storm is approaching, you should be very afraid indeed.


The green tint is obviously the aliens hiding in the tornado.



If the temperature drops 20 degrees in a matter of seconds and the sky turns green, I’m going to find proper shelter NOW. Screw seeing the tornado, I’d rather live.


I live in Tornado Alley. When the sky looks like this, we always make sure to head for the porch.


Because otherwise they wouldn’t be scary enough.


Update: Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Green sky in evening, run away screaming."


Is the porch where the entrance to your basement or storm shelter is? Otherwise, NOPE (unless your house doesn’t have one of these items).

Moved to Xenia, OH about 7 years after the monster twisters ripped up the subdivision there. Still some twisted debris downtown, like the handrail that was pulled vertical and corkscrewed. Chicken skin stuff.


The porch is the roofed outdoor theater box from which to watch the tornadoes. You could run and hide, but a direct hit will just kill you in the basement by dropping your shredded house on top of you. If it’s not a direct hit, you might as well enjoy the show.



I first heard about the greening in Lyall Watson’s book “Heaven’s Breath” (which is an amazing read - all about wind) and understood what that meant in the late 80’s (exact dates and time are always fuzzy for me) and we saw the rolling wall of storm clouds move in from Barrie (which at that very moment was getting its ass kicked) and looking for all the world like those clouds in Speilberg movies - and then the hail kicked in and dented our car. Green clouds are not good.


Much better in black and white:



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