Stormproof survival matches light in awful weather

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My wife got this for me as a stocking stuffer. The o-ring that is supposed to seal the cap to keep out the elements is shite. Kinda defeats the whole purpose.

It’s difficult not to overtighten it, and once it’s overtightened once, it’s unreliable forever.

These matches really will light in very bad conditions, but they burn differently than a standard wooden match. The wood on these doesn’t ignite; just the coating. It burns from the end to the back like a fuse, so that you have to pass the match sideways past your tinder to keep the flame in contact.

For fire starting in bad weather, I prefer Spark-Lites. It’s a little hand-held sparker that you can use one-handed, and includes TinderQuik tabs that burn steadily for approximately one minute (although some people can get them to burn as long as 4 minutes in perfect conditions). You can also buy bulk TinderQuik tabs. I think of them as match replacements.


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