Storms in Britain caused by gay marriage, says local politician




At least these people are marginalised in the UK unlike the USA where half of congress believe crap like that.


One of my minor problems with Charles Stross’ The Apocalypse Codex was the disbelief that Britain would embrace American-style evangelism. My bad!


In all honesty, I don’t think it will. But it is integrated into the mainstream as a kind of charming eccentricity, which gives it a peculiar and occasionally powerful level of exposure.


ooooh! glad he let us know. I guess all the tolerated male homosexuality was why Rome only hung on for 1,000 years or so. We could have all been Romans were it not for the gays!


The UKIP Weather parody twitter account already has 74k followers after just 48 hours and 18 tweets.


Listen to the UKIP Shipping Forecast


I think you’re being generous if you think it’s only half of Congress.


Well, now that the UK has caught the wingnut bug…the least they can do is let us use their wonderful adjective to describe it. “Barmy” goes right to the top of my list of fun words.


The interwebs are better for it.


wait, now flooding is caused by too many dikes?

I’ll see myself out


Well, we do get evangelist missionaries from the US occasionally, and some do appear in big venues. Plus we have the usual undercurrent of eccentrics around, of all stripes and flavours, including creationists and hellfire preachers. Nothing Charlie had occurring in Britain was totally out of line, except — maybe — the antagonist converting the cabinet over a breakfast meeting. But then again, Tony Blair.


Totally not fruitcakes and loonies.


The gentleman has a very odd understanding of the word “gospel.”


Map of tornado danger:

Map of public support for marriage equality:

Just sayin’.


I used to work with a woman from Ireland who would describe people like this politician as “gormless”.

Not only is it an incredibly fun word to say but I love the implication that intelligent people have a lot of gorm.


I’m not sure if I’m more comforted or horrified that this same kind of ass-hattery goes on in the UK as it does in the US. I mean I’m not the least bit surprised, but I’m used to thinking of the UK’s right wingers as somewhat sane when compared to our brand of right wing loonies.


This would be to cover for the very real sins that have actually contributed to the problem, I presume.

It isn’t as if it is all that hard to track.


That guy’s a dead ringer for Walter Mondale.


What accounts for the drought in California? Too many straight people?