Story behind the birth control pill "calendar" dispenser

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Is this design actually still common? I’ve never seen any that come in that sort of pack outwith TV shows from a long time ago. All the packaging I’ve ever seen is more like this:

I just tie an advent calendar aroound my neck, like Flavor Flav.


Mine always came in a round pack and a flimsy white plastic case, but that was 7 or 8 years ago. My packs looked the same from the school clinic and the planned parenthood in New Orleans, and the neighborhood clinic when I spent two years in Canada. I was getting the basic dose they start most people on.

Some of my friends had fancier packs that spun around but those were round too. My Mom had one that spun.

I think I’ve seen rectangle packaging for the regimen where you reduce your yearly number of periods. At least one person I knew was doing that.

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(rant) I am still pissed that it was decided not to over-the-counter basic birth control pills.
This was not for safety/hazard which falls around benadryl levels but because it was seen as a way to coerce women to get an exam before getting a script.
I get that an exam is important but those who cant afford to see a doctor might want to avoid the far more dangerous GIVING FUCKING BIRTH risks than those of going without a yearly exam, I dont know if this is nannying or lobbying by well off gynocologists who can’t imagine not having a few hundred $ in the entertainment fund each year to blow on being able to more safely shag a boy.
In a country where many punitive states are opting out of national health and visiting a doctor for a script can burn around half a months rent or more the FDA should OTC the pill.(/rant)
Back on topic…
I remember a professor recalling that the wheel of pills and 7 sugar pills were because male doctors were afraid women were too stupid to take the pills from a bottle and then wait a week.
I think it is a brilliant user friendly design, nearly everyone is too stupid to do most things especially with a week off without using a checklist though many think they are not, I use checklists for everything so I can simulate being not-stupid.


In college, the sororities could buy Greek branded packs.

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You mean they default on you?


I’m not sure how it worked - I was GDI, but I saw them. I think they were special order. Not exactly sure why’d you’d want that, but I gathered it was important to brand as many items as possible with your Greek letters.

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